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The Accumulation bot can be used to increase or decrease your position in a market. It will execute market orders with randomized order sizes and time delays (between orders). This behavior allows the bot to mask your position. After the stop trigger is hit (max amount or timer), the bot automatically deactivates. The bot can be used to slowly or quickly get into a position with minor controlled slippage.


  • Only works on spot markets with market orders.
  • No profit calculation.
  • Unable to backtest.


The accumulation bot can be used in many different ways. A few examples:

  • Using the Dollar Cost Average strategy.
  • Getting in or out of a big position quickly, or slowly, with or without moving the market.


No performance can be given as the Accumulation bot is a one-time action bot.



Order Direction

The direction of the orders placed by the bot

Stop Trigger

This will determine how or why the bots stop. It has 2 options

  1. Maximum Amount - The bot keeps track of how much it has bought or sold per session. With the maximum amount selected the bot will not buy or sell more than the defined amount.
  2. Timer - With the timer option enabled, the bot will run for a certain amount of time before deactivating. Time is in minutes.

Stop Value

Value defined by the Stop Trigger.

Minimum and Maximum Order Size

Between this value, a random amount is generated for the order to be executed with.

Minimum and Maximum Time Between Orders

Between these values, a random timeout is generated, in seconds, before the new order is executed.

Start Trigger

The start trigger gives the bot 2 conditions that must be met before executing its first order.

  1. Immediately - The bot will start when the users activate it.
  2. Price - This condition comes with 2 extra values. Higher or Lower and a trigger level. Those need to be met before the bot executes its first trade.