General Security Information

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This is where you can find tons of additional general security information about running Haasbot. This information can contain valuable information about security and what Haasbot does on a software level.

Required Software Requirements

The software requires an active internet connection before it can be used. With an active internet connection, your software license is checked, cached prices are read, and there are read and write actions to the specific exchange APIs.

Administrator Permissions

Administrator permissions are required because the software runs a local server to broadcast a Web Interface and its own API. Most of the operation systems have protections built in to prevent software from doing this because of security reasons. However, in our case, we just need administrator access for the local web server and we assure you that we do not do anything malicious.


Some users would like to have absolute control of the software and which connections it makes. So we have prepared a list of URLs which are called from the software and which can be used for creating an whitelist.

The required ones are: