How to Read HTS Charts

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Reading HTS Charts requires some knowledge of how each Indicator and Safety works as well as some knowledge of technical market analysis. You can find plenty of information on how each Indicator and Safety works on our wiki and on websites like Investopedia and Chart School. Additional information can also be found on Google.

Basically, the two main areas where one will want to read Haasbot's charts are Indicators and Safeties. This is especially true when Backtesting.

Reading Indicator Charts

For this demonstration, we will be using the 1 Min MACD Indicator at the exchange BTC-E on the currency pair USD/BTC


Buy and Sell Signals are displayed at the very top of the chart by the red and green boxes. At the bottom of the screen is the Indicator chart. You can see how the Indicator works on this chart. Obviously, running 1 Min MACD Indicator would not have been a good strategy to run with as the market is somewhat sideways. This view allows us to make that observation. We can run more backtests on historical data to see which market conditions work for this indicator.

Reading Safety Charts

For this example, I will be using the Static Roof In Safety at 569$. When the price goes above 569$ the roof in will send a buy signal.


And thats it! Its quite easy to read Safety charts and it is highly recommended that users become familiar with every technical analysis Indicator to utilize the full potential of HTS.