InterExchange Arbitrage Bot

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The ]]InterExchange Arbitrage Bot]] buys low on one exchange and sells high on the other. Because HTS does not support API calls to withdraw or deposit, eventually, the wallet needs manual re-balancing for the bot to continue. Only use this with small trade amounts.


The InterExchange Arbitrage Bot will monitor the prices on the 2 selected markets. When it has the opportunity to sell high on one and buy lower on the other it will execute 2 orders at the same time. On buy and one sell.


  • Only works on spot markets.
  • 2 Accounts needed.
  • Coin pair must be present on both exchanges.
  • Manual re-balancing required.


Heavily dependent on the users' configurations and market conditions.



Price Market 1 - The current buy and sell price of the first selected market.

Price Market 2 - The current buy and sell price of the seconds selected market.

Trade Amount - The allocated amount to use.

Trigger Level - The minimum percentage between the buy price on one exchange and sell price on the second exchange.