InterExchange Arbitrage Bot

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The InterExchange Arbitrage Bot buys low on one exchange and sells high on the other. Because HTS does not support API calls to withdraw or deposit, eventually, the wallet needs manual re-balancing for the bot to continue. Only use this with small trade amounts.


The InterExchange Arbitrage Bot will monitor the prices on the 2 selected markets. When it has the opportunity to sell high on one and buy lower on the other it will execute 2 orders at the same time. On buy and one sell.


  • Only works on spot markets.
  • 2 Accounts needed.
  • Coin pair must be present on both exchanges.
  • Manual re-balancing required.


Heavily dependent on the users' configurations and market conditions.



Price Market 1 - The current buy and sell price of the first selected market.

Price Market 2 - The current buy and sell price of the seconds selected market.

Trade Amount - The allocated amount to use.

Trigger Level - The minimum percentage between the buy price on one exchange and sell price on the second exchange.