License keeps reactivating

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The license activation loop can happen because of 2 reasons. It can be caused by switching between IPv4 and IPv6 and it can be caused by computer with 2 network chips.

First thing to try

The first thing to try is to look if the computer which gives issues has 2 network chips inside. Like for example for cabled internet and wifi internet. If this is true then the solution should be as simple as disabling one of the network abilities and proceed with the haasbot activation process.

Second thing to try

The second option is to look for IPv6 support. This support is quit new and i can give a few issues when activating the Haasbot. Please go over to your network properties and check if IPv6 is enabled, if it is please disable it. This should resolve the license activation problem.

In case both solutions are not solving it then its very likely something has been looked over. The best thing is to double check everything and if this is really not solving it then please contact our support desk and tell you have tried these solutions already.