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This software comes with a highly advanced own API which allows for making your own trading software or your own interface. The power of our own API interface is that you have one and the same way to make your own things. You do not have to program or take care of orders that are failing, or wallets that are empty or even to get banned by the API. Instead we have taken care of this for you, so if you want you can easily make your own things upon our software.


There are 2 API clients built-in, both of them offer the same but the main difference between them is the type of response. One API will respond in XML and the other in JSON. We have done this to allow maximum flexibility for you to attach to us. XML can easily be read by Microsoft related products and JSON can be used for java based applications/interfaces.

The local XML webservice runs at: http://localhost:8090/haasbotapi

The local JSON webservice runs at: http://localhost:8090/haasbotrest

The available options of the API are explained in 3 ways. First of all, we have the index, this overview can be shown if the software is started and if you open this url: http://localhost:8090/haasbot/haasbotapi?wdsl and it describes all the available calls you can make to the software.

The second way to explain how it all works is by example. We have placed a few example projects inside the HTS folder which you can find under the My Documents folder.

And the last big example we have is the web-interface itself. The web-interface we made for this software is open-source so this allows toy to read the source and to see how we do our calls to our own API.