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Compared to version 2.0

Inside version 2 we used a little rabbit in the system tray. With our new releases, this is no longer the case since everything has become web-based.


The Login credentials are setup at the very start. The setup wizard will give the option to enter login credentials. Once the software is running the login credentials can be changed on the Settings page.

Login settings.png


When you have setup the Haasonline Trade Server on a remote VPS it is highly recommended to increase security by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA). Simply navigate to the Settings page to enable 2FA login. With the assistance of Google Authenticator, you are creating an extra security layer against potential hackers.

Additionally, it is recommended to setup Telegram as well. With Telegram, you will get a notification for login events.

Lost login credentials

Sometimes you get locked out, it happens... we know. We have created several methods to reset your credentials. If the first method did not work, it is advised to just follow the second method. All three methods require access to the computer running HTS.

Warning: Method A and B will reset the hosting ports back to 8090 and 8092. If this is a problem, please proceed to method C.

Method A

During the installation process, a shortcut was added called "Reset mode". On Windows this item can be found inside the Start menu. On OSX and Linux it is simply a shortcut. If you start the Haasonline Trade Server in the Reset mode then the 2FA login will be removed and the login credentials will become "admin" and "admin".

For the power users... the shortcut is just starting the application with the reset flag. E.g. "hts.exe -reset" or "hts.sh -reset".

Method B

This method forces a reset manually. Login credentials are stored in a file called "MainSettings.XML". This file can be found on Windows in the "My documents\HTS\Settings" folder. For Linux users, the file can be found in "Libary\HTS\Settings" folder.

Simply delete this file. This will force the initial HTS setup wizard to recreate the file. Once the setup wizard starts, you may enter new login credentials.

Method C

With this method we will edit the file "MainSettings.XML". This file can be found on Windows in the "My documents\HTS\Settings" folder. For OSX users, the file can be found in "~/Library/Application Support/HTS/Settings/". Linux users will find the file in the "Libary\HTS\Settings" folder. Please browse to the MainSettings.XML file and open it with a text editor like Notepad. Inside the file you will find 2 fields named "Username" and "Password". Edit these fields with following value "21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3".

Note: To disable two-factor authentication (2FA), set the "TFAEnabled" field value to "false".

If you have saved the file and restarted HTS, then the username and password are now "admin". Be sure to change the username and password immediately.