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The order bot been added to the Haasbot to have a very basic bot wich is able to do some easy tasks. Its also a perfect starters bot as well, its available in all licenses.


As the name implies this bot is designed to place very simple orders. You can "program" the prices you want to trigger your order and thats really all there is to this. If you like you can create a sequence of orders and set it up this way.

This is a perfect bot for several situations. Sometimes you just do not need any complex trade-bot.


There is nothing which can be said for the performance of this bot. It works by pre-orders which you setup in advance.


  • The first thing you need to do is go over to the Left side menu and select the "Custom bots"
  • A new screen will show up, on it you will find a big + added. Please click on this.
  • Select the order bot from the list
  • Select the Account (API) you like to use and the Price market you like to trade on
  • Click on "Add bot"

Setup orderbot1.png

  • A new bot is now created and if you click on it then it will show up

Setup orderbot2.png

  • Lets add in our first order to this

Setup orderbot3.png

  • And lets step it up and add in a second one as well. It does not have to be a sell, but its to keep it simple.

Setup orderbot4.png

  • Eventually this is how it will look like and all that is left it to run it

Setup orderbot5.png


There are no advanced settings for this bot. Its a very simple bot.

Used symbols

The signal lights and symbols are a very common part of the Haasbot, its how we try to show you something is happening or setup wrong.

Setup scalper5.png

The first symbol shown here is trying to tell the Account is not connected properly. This can be caused by the bot which is setup to the wrong Account or the Account (API) is not connected. To check the last option its advised to open the wallet view using the icons on the upper left corner and check if the wallet content is present.

The second symbol (the plug) is telling here the price source is not connected. The bot is not getting any price updates. It can be caused by the account which is wrong, if so then you will see the Account symbol as well. (like shown here) or it can be caused by a price market which is just offline.

The last image (dollar bill) is telling the trade-amount is wrong. In this example its caused by the Account which is offline. But if you only see this symbol listed then it means the bot can not find the coins it need for trading.

There is one more symbol (inbox) which is not shown. But when you see this symbol then it means the bot has a open order.


The (bot) dashboard allows for for showing the status of the order-bot at real-time. Normally the view is smaller, but you en enlarge it like this and keep trace of the status.

Setup orderbot6.png


If you like to know how the bot is doing then go to the Bot and open its Log. You can access this by clicking on Options and Log. Inside the log you will see written down what is happening and why.

The most common question we got about this bot is about the exact applied prices. But this bot just uses the orderbook to place a trade.


You can also read about the scalperbot or pingpong bot which is also very easy to setup and available within all licenses.

Additional resources

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