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Many of our users have expressed an interest in better tracking of their trade history. While the portfolio page aims to provide this valuable resource, we would like to note that it should only be used as a guide and not a definitive source for legal or regulatory purposes such as filing taxes or other financial documents. If you use the data for these or other purposes, you do so at your own risk.



Porfolio Options

Last Synchronization: Last time the cache has received an update from automatic sync or manual import.

Last Order Timestamp: Last known order timestamp.

API driver details

Trades update - Checks when API is able to automatically collect trade history Deposit and withdrawal update - Checked when API is able to automatically collect deposit and withdrawal history

Trade history modifications

Add - Manually add a trade Full - Enabled when API allows for a trade full history sync. Market - Enabled when API allows for a trade history sync per market. Bot - Enabled when a market is enabled and syncs all market on which the bot is active Wallet - Enabled when the market is enabled and syncs all markets relevant to the user's wallet.

All buttons will be disabled when sync is in process. The user is notified when sync completes.

Deposit and Withdrawal modifications

Add - Manually add an action

Sync Specific Currency - Enabled when API allows for deposit and withdrawal sync of a specific currency.

Account overview

Total value - Current value of the wallet. Change is in 24u.

Highest value - Highest value found. Change is relative to current value

Deposit - Total deposited

Withdrawals - Total withdrawals

Realized profit - Current Value + total withdrawals - total deposit

Asset Information & Location

The asset information provides details on your currently held assets.

Portfolio - Asset Information.png

Amount - The currently held amount of a crypto coin.

Current Price - The current price of the crypto coin on the exchange where it resides.

Total Cost Price - The total cost of obtaining the current amount of a particular coin.

Total Value - The current value of the coin (in BTC).

Profit/Loss (%) - The current profit or loss percentage.

Profit/Loss BTC - The current profit or loss measured in btc.

Trade Profit

Portfolio Trade Profit.png

Total Realized Trade Profit - Measured in BTC.

Total Bought Cost - Total cost of buy orders. Measured in BTC.

Total Sold Cost - Total cost of sell orders. Measured in BTC.

Most Profitable Market - The cryptocurrency pair that has produced the highest realized gains.

Trade Volume

Portfolio Trade Volume.png

Trade Frequency

Portfolio-Trade Frequency.png

Deposits & Withdrawals

Portfolio Deposits & Withdrawals.png

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