Reading the Technical Analysis Charts

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First of all Trading and Technical Analysis is not predicting the future. It is reacting to the market setiment and trends. Always keep in mind that nobody can predict the future, however it is possible to identify a trend. There are several different types of charts. Here we are going to conentrate on the so called "candle chart". Each candle represents a time period. For example there are: 1 minute candles, 5min, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week and so on. The candle tells the story of that market for that time period. Each candle also shows who "won" that time period the buyers or sellers. If the candle is green then there were more buyers than sellers in that time period, and if the candle is red there were more sellers in that time period.

The candle:


The bottom of a green candle is the opening price of that period and the top of the candle is the closing price.

The bottom of a red candle is the closing price of that period and the top of the candle is the opening price.

The lines that are sometimes at the top and bottom of the candle are called "shadow". They show where the price was but do not show the closing price. For example in a one hour candle with a long shadow on the top, the price maybe went from 400$ to 474$ but at the end of the hour was at 412$ That would create a long shadow at the top of the candle and the body would start to form at 412$. Even though crypto markets are 24/7 365 days of the year we still use the term "closing price" which refers to the end of the time period (1 hour, 1 day ect).

There are other things that you can see on the chart. Volume is often displayed with green or red candles but they just get bigger with more volume and do not have "shadow".