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The Basic Strategies section of the wiki is dedicated to providing educational material related to cryptocurrency trading, which can be utilized by Haasbot. This section also provides information of technical analysis, which is the basis for Haasbot's Trade Bot as it is important to understand the basic theories, how to determine the market type (Bull, Bear, or sideways) the cryptocurrency you want to trade in is, as well as some basic strategies and Haasbot set ups that can work well in specific market situations.

For this section, we will only be evaluating and providing examples for Bitcoin, as it is the easiest to understand. Other cryptocurrency markets may not and/or do not behave like Bitcoin, so please do your do diligence, as the strategies outlined in this section may not be applicable for other cryptocurrencies.


Disclaimer - You are speculating on cryptocurrencies and by speculating on cryptocurrencies, you understand that there is an inherent risk in doing so. You are responsible for how you utilize Haasbot and you agree that Haasonline Software and/or the authors of this wiki are not liable for losses that are incurred by utilizing either the software or the strategies outlined in this section. By using, following, or implementing any of these strategies, you agree that you fully accept all of the associated risks of speculating, trading, and/or automating the trades of cryptocurrencies. The strategies outlined in this wiki are educational in nature and are to be treated as such. By continuing to read and/or utilize any of the strategies below, you agree to everything in this disclaimer and accept all of the risks associated with your actions.

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Getting Started

Bull (Up Trend) Market

Bear (Down Trend) Market

Sideways Market