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Signals and symbols are a common part of HTS. The meaning of each symbol is described below.

Setup scalper5.png

The first symbol (account) is indicating that the selected exchange account is not connected properly. This can be caused by a misconfigured account, or the account API is not connected. To check the latter, open the wallet view and check if the wallet contents are present.

The second symbol (plug) is indicating the price source is not connected. The bot is not getting any price updates. It may be caused by using the wrong account. If so, you will see the Account symbol as well. Occasionally this may be caused by an inability to gather price data from the exchange source.

The last image (dollar bill) is suggesting trade-amount is wrong. This is generally the case when the specified assets are not available on the selected account. For simulated accounts, simply add the simulated assets to that account. When this symbol is accompanied by the account symbol it is generally an indication that the selected account is offline.

Symbol-Inbox.png The inbox symbol indicates the bot has an open order.