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HTS has a very powerful backtesting tool that allows our users to test Indicators, Insurances, and Safeties against historical data. The historical data can be anywhere from 6 hours to 32 weeks. This is useful to determine whether or not a specific trading strategy would have been profitable in the past.

Outdated video but the principle remains the same:


For trade bots, simply select the bot you wish to backtest and click the backtest button. To backtest our custom bots select the bot you wish to backtest and click on the "Options" button, then select backtest. Alternatively, the Bot Performance Analyzer can be utilized from the left panel menu.

Note: Be sure to select the starting Position that you will be simulating for more accuracy.

Custom Bot Backtest Example

Trade Bot Backtest Example


If you get different results when backtesting, you need to make sure that your Position has not changed and clear the statistics after each backtest. The is a common question with HTS and it's a good practice to always clear statistics and make sure the Position is set up correctly.