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The Bitfinex Double Margin module that allows Leveraged Trading on Bitfinex that allows Haasbot users to take advantage of leveraged trading to the fullest extent. The main difference between the Bitfinex Double Margin and Bitfinex Single Margin is that the Bitfinex Double Margin will open both Long and Short positions according to Buy and Sell Signals.

For instance, for every buy signal, Haasbot's Trade Bot will close a short (if there is one open) and then open a long. After that, for every sell signal, the long will be closed and a short will be opened. This cycle will constantly repeat itself as long as the Trade Bot is activated.

This module is only recommended for users who know what they are doing and have a profitable trading strategy for the current market conditions.

Classic Interface

Double margin.png

Haasbot 2.0 Interface

Bitfinex DEMO 4.PNG


As for setting up the Trade Bot for Bitfinex Double Margin trading, you select the Indicators, Insurance, and/or Safeties as usual but you have to select the next action for the Trade Bot to take. Basically, it just needs to know if you currently have an option position and/or what the next action should be. Your options are the following:

  • Open Long - You don't have an active leveraged position yet and you want the first trade to be a long on the next buy signal.
  • Open Short - You don't have an active leveraged position yet and you want the first trade to be a short on the next sell signal.
  • Close Existing Short and Open Long - You have an existing short position and you want the next buy signal to close the short and open a long.
  • Close Existing Long and Open Short - You have an existing long position and you want the next sell signal to close the long and open a short.
Classic Interface

Double margin options.png

Haasbot 2.0 Interface

Bitfinex DEMO 5.png

Once you have selected the Next action to be, you can set up the Indicators, Insurances, and Safeties that you want to generate the Buy and Sell Signals and Haasbot will utilize leveraged trading for both buy and sell signals.