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The Haasbot 2.0 Interface is an upcoming web interface for Haasbot. The Haasbot 2.0 Interface is a unique combination of incorporating Trade Bots, Arbitrage Bots, Order Bots and a new bot type called Script Bots with traditional Candlestick based charts. The combination allows users to view what their trades would have been in real time within the same Candlestick based charts that they are used to monitoring. Additionally, the Haasbot 2.0 Interface also provides transparency in how it operates by illustrating how orders are executed in the Orderview Tab as well as market analysis based on currency pairs on different exchanges.

The Haasbot 2.0 Interface will be released to all Haasbot users on Monday January 26th, 2015.

Dashboard 3.PNG

List of Haasbot 2.0 Tabs

Haasbot 1.3.x.x/1.4.x.x --> Haasbot 2.0 Changes

Haasbot 2.0 is a big step forward in Haasonline Software's vision of innovation within the cryptocurrency trading automation industry. Since we are combining both candlestick based charts with our bot types, there will be quite a few changes and a small learning curve when using the Haasbot 2.0 interface for the first few times. Here is our short and sweet version of the major changes:

  • New high-end web-based interface added
  • Price comparison ability added (to understand the relationship of the price of a currency pair on multiple different markets, which should provide additional insight)
  • Script-bots are added, which are fully 100% customizable and programmable (C#) bots.
  • White Server Framework added (for more accurate, stable, and faster price tracking)
  • New trade-indicator: Fibonacci
  • New trade-indicator: Elliot Prediction
  • New trade-indicator: IchiClouds
  • Language support for English, German and Dutch