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HTS's Trade Bot primarily (with the exception of Safeties) makes trades based on Trade Signals from technical analysis Indicators. Each Indicator produces trade signals based on a specific time frame which can be changed to fit the user's preferences. The time frames range from 1 minute (for high frequency trading) to 3 days.

Here you will find a comprehensive list of the currently supported Indicators. Keep in mind that not all Indicators are supported for every license type. To see which license type supports each Indicator, please check the Haasbot License Comparison Page


Signal Type

HTS not only permits trading based on more than one Indicator, but also allows for changing the signal type produced by an indicator. You can reverse the signals by checking the box next to "Reverse Signals". This means that a standard Buy Trade Signal becomes a Sell and a standard Sell Trade Signal becomes a Buy. This is useful for trading in a sideways market on widely used Indicators like MACD-Histogram, where it is common practice to trade using the 4 hour MACD-Histogram. Additionally, you can specify a particular Indicator for Buying, Selling, or both.

There is also an option to set a single or multiple indicators as Master Indicators.

Currently Supported Indicators