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[[Installing Haasbot]] is exceptionally easy to do. All you need to do before hand is to purchase the license type that you think will suit your needs and you are ready.
Please select the platform below you'd like to install to:
[[Windows Installation]]<br>
[[Windows Installation]]<br>
[[OSX Installation]]<br>
[[OSX Installation]]<br>
[[Linux Installation]]
[[Linux Installation]]
== Downloading [[Haasbot]] ==
Once you have purchased [[Haasbot]], you can find the Haasbot-Setup XX.X.exe (the version number will change as updates are released) in the "My Account" Tab at [http://www.haasonline.com Haasonline.com]. Once you are logged in, you will find a download button. Download it and and save the .exe file anywhere.
== Installing Haasbot ==
Find the Haasbot-Setup XX.X.exe and double click on it. You will then be prompted with language options. Choose the language that you best understand.
Next, you will then be greeted with the Haasbot Setup Wizard. Click Next.
After that, you will then be prompted to choose the location of the [[Haasbot]] Installation Directory. The default is Programs (x86), which is great. Click Next.
Now you are prompted to begin the installation. Click Install.
You need to have administrator permissions in order to install [[Haasbot]], Click Yes.
After the Installation Process is finished you will then be prompted to run [[Haasbot]]. Click Run Haasbot.
You will need administrator permissions to run [[Haasbot]], Click Yes.
Once you have clicked Yes, [[Haasbot]] (after a few seconds) will now be running in your System Tray, at the very bottom right of your screen. Right Click on the Bunny Icon and click on "Open Classic Interface" or "Open Web Interface". From there [[Haasbot]] will start and you can begin to Set Up your first Bots!
== Setting Up [[Haasbot]] ==
Now you are ready to [[Setting up Haasbot|Follow the Setting up Haasbot Guide]]

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Please select the platform below you'd like to install to:

Windows Installation
OSX Installation
Linux Installation