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Hi, my name is Alice. I specialize in expensive cryptocurrencies with a higher market price such as BTC, ETH or DASH.


Alice is based on several predefined indicators and parameters. She works best in markets with a price higher than $100. Other markets will work as well. Regardless of the market be sure to run a backtest before activating. She won't trade much but has proven to be quite reliable.


Works best on markets with a higher price.


Alice is known to handle any market trend well. Sometimes she places one trade a day and sometimes she places more. Whatever she decides to do... it works.


Alice-Performance 2.png


Coin Position - This is the start position of the bot. If your assets currently are BTC select BTC. If assets are in USD, select USD. The value has no relation to the trade amount currency.

Trade Amount - The allocated amount for the bot to use.

Current Trend - Trend observed by Alice.