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MadHatter evolved from a simple trading style designed to take advantage of acting early on signals rather than waiting for the confirmation. This allows the MadHatter bot to enter and exit scalping trades quickly and effectively. Its quick reactions, alongside its ability to exit a losing position quickly, allows it to accumulate gains over time in any market condition.


Madhatter uses a simple trading strategy that makes use of the Bollinger Bands, MACD and RSI Indicators. These indicators are modified and extended. All indicators need to agree in order to execute a trade. The indicators work on a 5-minute interval.


Note: You will need to do this within Madhatters fullscreen mode.

  • Find a pair with decent movement on the 5-minute chart. It doesn't matter which direction but it needs to hit the upper and lower Bband.
  • Find what the average order book size is on the pair you picked
  • Input the order size into Madhatter
  • Configure the Bband settings to touch the top and bottom bands. You want multiple touches but don't want to be to constricted.
  • Start backtesting to ensure that the Bband settings are adjusted to your liking.
  • Configure the minimum price movement. A good method to use for finding the appropriate setting is to look at the movement in the 5-minute graph.
  • Backtest to ensure that it works.
  • Configure the Stop loss by deciding how much you are willing to risk if a trade goes bad (Generally you have to give some wiggle room for price movement)
  • Backtest to verify your stop loss settings. Giving Madhatter the ability to follow movements in both up and down trends requires a few more steps.
  • Configure your MACD settings and align with your buy and sell points. ( There is a video on how to trade Madhatter's strategy manually)
  • Use the RSI settings to add an extra indicator.
  • Decide if "MadHatter Mode" (To be released) is viable by switching it on and seeing if results improve.


MadHatter-Performance 1.png

MadHatter-Performance 2.png

Bitfinex BTC/USD. 30 December 2017 - 13-1-2018



Trade Amount Settings

MHB-Trade amount settings.png

Coin Position

Trade Amount - The amount allocated to the bot for trading.

Fee - Adjustable fee rate.

MadHatter Mode

MHB-Settings mode.png

Indicator Signal Consensu - Requires consensus among indicators.

Safety Settings

MHB-Settings safety.png

Min. price change to buy

Min. price change to sell

Stop Loss (%)

Bollinger Bands Settings

MHB-Settings bbands.png

Length - The base number of ticks used for calucation

Dev. Up - Standard deviation above the middle band.

Dev. Down - Standard deviation below the middle band.

MA Type - The moving average based indicator to use.

Deviation - Number of ticks the signal is delayed.

Require FCC - Fill on candle close

Reset Middle - Reset signals when crossing middle band.

Allow Mid Sells - Allows sell signals to execute at the middle band AFTER crossing the lower band.

RSI Settings

MHB-Settings rsi.png

Length - Base number of ticks used for calulation.

Buy - Buy in point. Buy at this point and lower

Sell - Selling point. Sell at this point and higher.


MHB-Settings macd.png



MACD Signal