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The Market Making Bot places limit orders just outside the current buy and sell prices. It does this in an attempt to profit from the spread between the two orders. urrent buy and sell prices.


The Market Making Bot will create two limit orders at a predetermined percentage away from the current price. When both orders are completed, the bot will again create two limit orders. The bot can maintain two sets of orders. A larger spread will result in fewer trades.


The performance will vary by configuration and market conditions. Backtesting will help fine tune your settings.


MMB-Performance 2.png


  • First go to the Left side menu and select "Custom bots".
  • A new screen will show up. Click the big plus (+) sign to see a list of bots.
  • Select the "Market Making Bot" from the menu.
  • Select the Account (API) and the coin pair you would like to use.
  • Click on "Add bot".
  • Adjust the new bot's settings.



Current Price - The current buy and sell price of the market.

Target Price - The target price of the bot.

Target Spread - The spread between the buy and sell order


Trade Amount - The allocated amount for the bot to use. When the Secondary Order is enabled the trade amount will double.

Price Offset - This value controls the percentage offset of the orders from the current price.

Markets Fee: - Some exchange offer a different fee for the native template. This will adjust the profit calculation. A value of 0.25% will use 0.25% as the fee. Set the fee to 100% to use the default fee in HTS.

Reset Time-Out - This timeout will cancel the order and execute them with a update price. Leave on default to disable the option.

Secondary Settings

Use Secondary Order When enabled, the bot will activate the second set of orders. Price Offset This value controls the percentage offset of the orders from the current price.