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The Order bot is designed to be as easy as possible. It simply places predefined orders in sequence as each target price is reached. This allows the user to create orders in a relative timeline. This bot is generally considered safe as the main source of risk is from the user's inputs and not the bot's logic.


The Order Bot is designed to set pre-defined orders that will only execute if the target price is reached. The bot has 3 different trigger conditions: Default, Trigger When Lower, Trigger When Higher.


This bot operates solely from the orders that are pre-configured by the user. It performs as the user dictates.


  • First go to the Left side menu and select "Custom bots".
  • A new screen will show up. Click the big plus (+) sign to see a list of bots.
  • Select the order bot from the menu.
  • Select the Account (API) and the coin pair you would like to use.
  • Click on "Add bot".

Setup orderbot1.png




Some exchanges offer <0% for native order templates. The Order Bot give you the ability to utilize this advantage.


The direction of the order. Buy or sell.


Price at which the order is executed. Will be disabled with market order templates.


The allocated amount of the order.

On Condition Of

If a parent order is selected, this order cannot execute until the selected order is complete.

Trigger Type

This optional value enables the bot to execute the order before the price reaches the target, giving it a higher chance to be completed.

Trigger Price

Price the Trigger Type will react to.