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Setting up HTS for the first time is incredibly easy. Once you have followed the Installing HTS Guide, now you will set up HTS for the very first time.

Synchronizing Your Computer's Time

It is rather important that the first thing a user does before running HTS is to synchronize the time on the computer you plan to run HTS on. If there is a large delay between the time that an exchange uses and your computer's time, there could be some issues, so its best to just synchronize the time on the computer you will run HTS on.

The easiest way to synchronize the clock on a windows machine is to download and install the "NetTime" application. This free software will keep the time on your windows computer synchronized. Once you have done that, you are ready to set up HTS for the first time.

For MacOS and Linux you do not have to install any sync application. Those clocks are always better aligned.

If your computer is out of sync the software will remind you with this message:


Setting up HTS for the First Time

After you have installed the software and added your license key you are ready to set up the exchange api keys.

Setting up Exchange API keys

Before we get our API keys and input them to HTS, we need to set up which exchanges we would like to use. To do this, click the switch on the left side of the exchanges that you would like to use. After that click "create new account" and select the exchange from the drop down menu. If you are confused have a look at the video above.


Exchange API keys are how HTS sends Trade Signals to an exchange. The API keys consist of a Public and Private key (also known as Secret key). To find these keys you must login to the exchange[s] that you want HTS to trade on, then Generate API keys. Each exchange is a bit different, but you can find the API key information under "Security" or "API" in account settings.

Once you are there, for security reasons, it is important to only allow API access from the IP address you will be trading from. You can find your IP address by visiting a website like Also, it is important to select the following when generating an API key:

  • Account Balance
  • User Transactions
  • Open Orders
  • Cancel Order
  • Buy Limit Order
  • Sell Limit Order

Note: Each Exchange is different, but these are generally the settings needed for HTS to function properly.

Once the API key[s] are generated, input them into HTS.

To add these API keys to HTS, you need to open an interface and click on "Price Drivers and Accounts" under the "Settings" menu.

It's as simple as that. Repeat the process for any other exchanges you wish to use and begin setting up your Trade Bots, Order Bots, and InterExchange Arbitrage Bot!

Step-by-step guide how to obtain the API keys