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The Take Profits safety will close any open position that crosses the user-defined profit threshold. Unlike Close Above Profit safety, Take Profits works only based on the price move % from the last position entry (buy in for spot markets), without any regard to the leverage taken.

Take Profits.PNG


Simply set your profit threshold percentage. Note that the profit % here is price move % based take profit (that does not take leverage into account). To use open position PL/ROI % as shown on the exchange (that includes leverage), use Close Above Profit safety.

Signal Mapping (Leverage)

  • Sell/Buy Signal: selects the position this bot will go to when the safety is triggered.
  • Bot Position: limits the safety to only trigger when the bot is in the position set in this field. For example, if you choose "Short" in this field, then the safety will only work when the position of the bot is Short. If you choose "Any", then the safety will work for both Long and Short positions.


  • Percentage: if the profit of the position (buy on spot markets) is higher than specified here, the bot will exit the position (sell for spot markets). The % is checked once a minute (unless the bot is in High Speed Trading mode).