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Downloading HTS

Once you have purchased the HaasOnline Trade Server, you will find the HaasonlineTradeServer.msi in the "My Account" Tab at Once logged in, you will find a download button. Download the installation file and and save the .exe file anywhere.

Installing HTS

Before we get started you will need to install nettime and it is recommended to change your DNS settings.

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Tutorial


Now click the HaasonlineTradeServer.msi file to start the installation.

Next, you will be greeted with the HTS Setup Wizard. Click Next to proceed.


You are now asked to choose the location of the HTS Installation Directory. The default is Programs (x86), which is great. Click Next.


Now you are prompted to begin the installation. Click Install.


Click finish to complete the installation.


After the Installation Process is finished click on the trade server icon on your desktop or in the windows menu.


Now you are ready to enter your licence key and start trading.

Setting Up HTS

Now you are ready to Enter your license key